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Green Badge, what does it mean

In order to teach people to drive and receive payment instructors must be registered with the DVSA (Driving and Vehicle Standard Agency)ards Agency) and hold a pink trainee licence (PDI) or a green fully qualified licence (ADI). It has been recently reported by the AA Motoring Organisation that around one in every eight driving instructors currently offering driving tuition through bigger schools are PDI's (trainee driving instructors). All PDI's need to train in order to pass the DVSA part 3 instruction test. PDI's train with learner drivers whilst some schools are charging pupils the same as fully qualified instructors. When booking your driving lessons, make sure the instructor is an ADI or a PDI. The badge should be displayed on the left hand side of the windscreen. For more information please go to the Telegraph article

Why choose idrive?

A Fun and Dynamic Learning Experience

My name is Mike. I am an ADI (Advanced fully qualified driving instructor - ADI green badge number 423240). I am an ex AA Driving School instructor. I now own and operate iDrive Driving School where my pupils are my biggest priority. Most of my pupils come to me by word of mouth recommendations. It is very important for me to make sure that all my pupils receive the best training possible. The reputation of the Driving School and my business depend on it. I guarantee that, should you decide to take driver training with me, you will always be treated to the best training I can offer. My aim is not only to train you to pass your driving test first time and as efficiently as possible but to also leave you with the knowledge to continue safe driving. I will teach the skill of driving using traditional methods blended with the new Client Centered Learning and Coaching techniques depending on your individual learning style.

Visit: DVSA Client Centered Learning and Coaching 

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 idrive's promise to you

idrive Driving School promise to NOT charge you silly rates for learning to drive. There are many driving schools and instructors who are charging  lesson rates that are either unsustainable or so cheap, the instructor is forced to conduct lessons for up to 70 hours a week in order to make a living (£99.00 for 10 hours of lessons is not difficult to find). At idrive, you will be charged at a comparable rate to other local driving schools. Further, I will promise not to conduct more than 30 hours of driving lessons a week*. When you take a driving lesson with me, I will not be suffering from overwork or fatigue. You will be paying me to give you a full lesson of driving tuition at the best of my ability and of the best quality I can deliver. I can achieve this by not overworking myself.

Of course, the choice of instructor is yours. Just make sure you make the right choice that's both value for money and safe. Or, you could use Mum & Dad Driving School


* (this may vary in exceptional circumstances  only)


Driving is fun
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